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What lives within the silence of your




About Practice

What lives within the silence of our perceptions? By appraising reverberations between interactions that coerce the human condition, my study probes how we see the real or otherwise. Often seen within the conduct of psychological defense mechanisms, derived from Freudian philosophies of psychoanalytic theory, the vulnerable conscious and the preserving subconscious mind are both at war and at play. It is within the duality of these points of entry and the autonomy of our imagination that change will dwell.


The comprehensive terrain of identity is realized through abject representations to actualize autonomy. I do this by penetrating dysphoria, perception fabrications, power dynamics, and sensory perceptions. These ideas that understand we within humanity are solidified into character development. My creatures stage a narrative that activates the imagination. The vibrancy of the fantastical and grimness of the autobiographical speak to the alienating elements within queerness.

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